Emmy Nomination: “Voices of the Fallen”

Client: Newsweek
Role: Producer, Camera, Editor
Run Time: 7:24

I was honored to receive a News and Documentary Emmy nomination in 2007. It was Newsweek’s first, and the first of any U.S. magazine.

For the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war, the Newsweek editors did a big cover story about the conflict as told through the letters and words of its heroic dead. I spent a day filming a family in Kentucky who had just lost their father to an IED the previous month. As you can imagine, the family’s emotions were raw, the grief palpable, the hurt and loss etched on the children’s faces. But the mom wanted to make sure their father’s story was told–I think so the father would always be remembered as a hero.

It was also the first project I traveled for while at Newsweek, and one of my first videos ever. I shot, produced and edited the video over a couple days, and composed my own music as well on Garage Band, back before the company paid for music rights. True one-man band production!

While parts of the production are a bit dated now (I would say my camera work and editing have improved), this was one of the most rewarding projects that I worked on while at Newsweek as a video journalist. In addition to the Emmy nomination, the series was awarded an MPA Digital Award for Best Online Video Series 2007, a MIN Best of the Web award for Integration with Print 2008, a 2007 Deadline Club Award from the NYC chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, and a NY Press Club Award for Exclusive Online Content.