CBS Local: “Inside Album of the Year”

Client: CBS Local
Role: New York Director of Photography, Editor
Run Time: 5:05

I was the New York director of photography and editor on CBS Local’s 2013 Grammy offering, Inside Album of the Year (CBS Local feeds content to over 100 CBS digital properties). The series interviewed some of the country’s biggest music critics, DJs, and journalists in New York and Los Angeles for an in-depth look at each of the five Album of the Year nominees: Mumford and Sons “Babel”, The Black Keys “El Camino”, Jack White “Blunderbuss”, .Fun “Some Nights”, Frank Ocean “Channel Orange”.

I shot the New York portion and edited the videos based on all-around-good-guy producer Brian Ives’ direction. ended up picking up the series and promoting, a big honor! The Mumford and Sons installment is one of my favorite of the series.

Men’s Health: Fall 2013 Fashion Week

Client: Men’s Health
Role: Camera, Editor
Run Time: 2:12

For Fall 2013 NY Fashion Week, Men’s Health went backstage at the Fall 2013 J.Crew presentation for an exclusive preview, then caught up with Lincoln Center’s most fashionable for their take on men’s style and grooming. I shot and edited the pieces with the Men’s Health fashion team as producers.

CBS Local: “Style Files”

Client: CBS Local
Role: Director of Photography, Editor
Run Time: 3:23

I shot and edited two rounds of seven style videos for CBS LOCAL, which feeds content to over 100 CBS digital properties–a truly awesome opportunity! Working with Courtney Smith as producer (her ideas, she found the experts and models), we converted the company’s black-curtained studio into a clean white cyclorama of sorts and shot the series over the course of two days.

TV Guide’s Watchlist

I edited 21 videos over 10 days for, from cutting the interview to pulling TV clips and adding templated After Effects graphics in post. Here’s one with Bravo’s Andy Cohen:

Client: TV Guide
Role: Editor
Run Time: 1:53

Men’s Health: NY Fashion Week: Spring/Summer 2013

Client: Men’s Health
Role: Camera, Editor

I was hired to cover two fashion presentations and create a couple person-on-the-street videos by Men’s Health during Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week held in September of 2012. The project consisted of me shooting backstage interviews at Nautica and Todd Snyder and b-roll from the shows and stitching the two together. Simple shoot and edit. I had both cuts edited for review the next day.

The Daily Beast’s “My New York”

Client: The Daily Beast
Role: Producer, Camera, Editor
Run Time: 2:30

I produced, shot and edited this on assignment as part of an ongoing Daily Beast series, “My New York”, after the Newsweek/Daily Beast merger. The series profiled prominent NYC residents in their favorite city spots, and aired on NYCTV25 as well as taxi cabs. I don’t pretend that this is the most newsworthy or hardhitting of pieces but I do think it’s a good example of my HDSLR shooting and editing skills. I wasn’t allowed to shoot the actual performance other than the curtain call so some footage is handout broll.

2011 GLAAD Award Nomination

Client: Newsweek
Role: Producer, Camera, Editor
Run Time: 6:51

The Newsweek multimedia team was nominated for two GLAAD awards in 2011; one was for my 2010 video “Kicked Out But Ready to Go Back”. That piece looked at a soldier who had been expelled from the military under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell but was eagerly trying to get back into service any way she could but doubtful of a DADT repeal. This was one of the last pieces I shot using a conventional video camera (and honestly, the piece that made me make the jump to DSLRs. I look at it and think “If only I had shot that on DSLR!”). It was also one of the few pieces in which I used my own voiceover. I prefer to use other people’s VO, if only because I can better judge the good takes.

Newsweek’s Annual Oscar and Emmy Roundtables

As the executive producer of Newsweek video, I took two annual magazine franchises–the Emmy and Oscar roundtables–and turned them into video franchises, producing them as Web-exclusive accompaniments to their print pieces. It was a constant struggle in a way as print editors didn’t want us to do minor things like mic the participants for fear it would alter the tenor of the conversation. Each year we made some progress, convincing management to give us a budget, let us light the actors, and (yes!) even put microphones on them.

Client: Newsweek
2011 Role: Executive Producer, Director of Photography, 1 of 3 Cameras